Jaen’s Castles

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Nobody can deny that Castles are some of the most amazing buildings that still exist and if you want to know a castle, you can find many of them in Jaen.

Jaen is a region with amazing museums, monuments, ancient buildings and breathtaking landscapes.


Currently, Jaen is one of the regions with more Castles in Spain and some of them aspire to be listed as World Heritage sites by UNESCO, so this has been one of the main reasons that Jaen is widely visit by people from all over the world.

This is a list with some of the most important castles in Jaen:

Santa Catalina Castle

The Castillo de Santa Catalina is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Castles in Jaen. The Castillo de Santa Catalina sits high above the city of Jaen.

This castle was initially a Moorish fortress that was conquered by Fernando III in 1246 on the feast day of Santa Catalina.

This castle is the perfect place to have some breathtaking views of the city of Jaen, so if you want to visit the Castillo de Santa Catalina;you can do it through the paved road or trough a passageway that connects this castle and the city of Jaen.

Castillo de la Yedra

The Castillo de la Yedra is located at an altitude of 831 meters from where one can have beautiful views of the city.

The Castillo de la Yedra is an oldest buildinglocated in the Spanish town of Cazorla that was built by the Muslim in the Eleventh Century.

Inside of this castle you can find the “Museo de Arte y CostumbresPopulares del Alto Gudalquivir” widely visited by tourists.

The Castle of la Iruela

The Castle of la Iruelais located near of Cazorla and belongs to the Natural Park of Sierras de Cazorla Segura y las Villas.

The Castle of la Iruela is one of the most amazing Spanish Castles because its location lookslike something out of a movie, so it is the perfect place to take breathtaking photos.

This castle was built by the Arabs and was declared as a Historical Monument in 1985. Inside the castle one will find the “Iglesia de Santo Domingo” built in honor to the “Patron de la Iruela”.

The Albanchez Castle

The castle of Albalachez belongs to the Sierra Maguiña Natural Parklocated on the top of a crag in the “Albanche de Uceda”.

Historians said that the Albalachez Castle was built in the XIV century. This castle has a Christian origin, though it was built on Moorish remains; it was used to domain the routes of Almaden and Mágina.

Castillo de Sile

The Castillo de Sile belongs to the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las VillasNatural Park and it is located in the Sile region.

Its main attraction is definitely a cylindrical tower called “El cubo”. The Castillo de Sile is protected under the Spanish Historical Heritage law.

Castillo de Salvatierra

The Castillo de Salvatierra is located in the top of Pecho Salvatierra.

This castle was built by Muslims in the XI century as an amazing fortified complex.

It was declared as a cultural heritage monument. Although, it has a difficult access, this is beautiful place to spend your holidays.

Castillo de Burgalimar

The Castillo de Burgalimar, also known as The Castillo de los Baños de la Encina,is considered as one of the most beautiful European castles with its unique architectural style and because it is one of the best preserved castles.

The Burgalimar Castle is located next to the Baños de la Encina town;it was built by the Caliph of Cordoba Al-Hakam II, the son of King Abd Al-Rahmanin the X century.