Save money on luxury Marbella hotels

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Let’s face it when some says we have just booked a luxury hotel in Marbella you immediately think of flashy, money, expense and can I afford it? or at least I do!

Orange Tree Square – Marbella

But as we know the world has become a smaller place but also the savvy traveler can now revel in discovering more bargains thanks to new SaaS software and interactive websites with push notifications.

Top Shelf Brand Hotels in Marbella

From The Alanda, Amare, Marriots Marbella Beach, Don Carlos, Melia Don Pepe, Vincci and Guadalpin send shivers down my wallet backbone!

These hotels are worldwide not just in Marbella and have prices that will make your eyes water if you dont do your due diligence.

The following websites and tips should be in your toolbox to help you maximise your holiday savings pot.

  • Google currency exchange GBP/EUR or USD/EUR
  • Revolut or new smart phone banking app
  • Be prepared to travel all season at unsociable hours
  • Jacks Travel Tips – Perfect for low cost flights from UK
  • Groupon deals