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Learn and Speak Spanish using compact discs – Spanish nursery rhymes CD

Easiest way to learn Spanish is take the approach of how babies and infants learn. How is that I hear your scream?

Well take hold of children’s books, TV and music which can be in the form of Spanish nursery rhymes.

Don’t over complicate things: KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (K.I.S.S.)


I want to get the rosette stone Spanish CD but my dad wont let me since it cost like $500 for three CDs!!

Does anyone know where on the internet I could learn Spanish really easy for free?

Then I read a few more posts and went onto Youtube and found out that there are courses and easy Spanish learning videos where it costs nothing to learn Spanish. Another great way I learned some words was to find a video of your favourite songs and put subtitles on them and then learn the new words in my case in Spanish Learning a Spanish is not just studying grammar in websites and CD’s. It will help you a lot if you read books such as “La casa de Bernarda Alba”, “La Fundación”, “La verdad sobre el caso Savolta”… Or watch these movies, they are interesting: “Mar adentro”, “Abre los ojos”, “El laberinto del fauno”, “REC”, “La lengua de las mariposas”.

It also helps if you talk to a native speaker, do you have msn? If you want, you can add me.

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