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If you are looking for a product that is unique and interesting, and you are looking to study a foreign language, Rocket Spanish may be right for you. As one of the least expensive options available, this course is a popular choice for those looking to learn Spanish. We are going to attempt to investigate and reveal the truth behind Rocket Spanish. Our investigation will result in knowing if this program will be worth your time and investment.


The Rocket Spanish sales page gives visitors two separate choices. You can purchase either a digital download, or a hard copy. The hard copy will be shipped directly to you. At the current time, the hard copy is significantly more expensive at a cost of $299 including $49.95 for shipping. The pdf version is available for immediate download for just $99 which is a fraction of the cost of the hard copy. I prefer the digital version because it gives you access to the lessons and programs immediately. Now that we’ve been made aware of these two choices, lets discuss the actual course.

It is tough to find the time to learn a new language. You need set the pace of the lessons, and the program needs to meet you half way. This is one of the reasons why people love Rocket Spanish. It provides you immediate access to simple audio lessons and even includes games with easy to understand layout. I have to say that the addition of the games is great. It is a fun and interactive way to learn Spanish.


Because the audio lessons are narrated by supportive voices, you will find them easy to follow along with. You can start learning the basics immediately, because they are direct and concise. Put the audio files into your iPod or onto a CD and do your lessons while working out or just sitting back on your favorite couch.

500 pages of information are also included. This is the core of the lessons, and while the amount of pages may be intimidating, they are all easy to understand and apply. There is so much to read that it is a good idea to print them out and learn them at time best suit you. Rocket Spanish focuses on skill that are not covered enough in traditional Spanish classes and courses. You will find an emphasis on pronunciation skills, and this is important when learning to speak a new language. This might be extremely helpful.

Additional exercises are included, along with the MegaCards memory game.This is the point at which you test your new knowledge before trying it out in the real world. In order to take full advantage of what Rocket Spanish has to offer, you must listen to the audio lessons and read the material. Rocket Spanish is giving you different sensory lessons, listen, read, write to help you learn to speak the Spanish language effectively. You will know that you are becoming comfortable with Spanish grammar and sentences, when not referring back to the materials as much.

The best way to learn any language would be to live in that country. But, for many of us that is not an option. Rocket Spanish offers the option that offers an alternative to learn Spanish and to be able to get a good grasp of the language so you can use it in everyday life and conversations. Rock Spanish may be a good option for you if you’re having trouble in class with your Spanish, want to improve your language for business, or you’re just looking to learn the language on your own time.

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